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CMW Show @ Global Backpackers Hostel!!!

by on Mar.21, 2013, under Uncategorized

Key to the city!

Key to the city!

Hey gang,

Bolton here, Bryan & Chris are working on Chris’s drum parts for our upcoming EP as I write this. So, I figured I would take this time to talk about our CMW show this Thursday night!

The show is going to be held at Global Village Backpackers (hostel) in Toronto. That’s right folks, our first show at a hostel! For the dudes, I hear that there will be a copious amount of Swedish babes. & for the ladies, I hear that they’ve shipped in at least a dozen Aussie guys, accents included. Other bands on the bill tonight include: Shy Kids, Paper Bag Palace, ATTAGIRL, Oldfolks Home & The Bright Skies. I checked out all the bands, & I must say, I feel that the show will be very eclectic, while still maintaining a very consistent indie rock feel throughout. I realize that that sounds incredibly vague, but I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises for you guys haha.

In case you were wondering, the Global Backpackers hostel has a bar within it, & that’s where the show will be held. I like the idea that we may have some tourists at the show, it’s the kind of show that you would hope would be going on when you yourself are traveling across seas & staying at a hostel.

As well, I mentioned that Bryan & Chris are working on drums for our song ‘Twisted’ right now. We’re going into Metalworks to record our second EP on Mar.31st. So, this is crunch time for solidifying our instrumental parts. In other related news, we will be releasing two demo recordings from our pre-production sessions next week! One of the tracks – ‘It’s Alright’ – we recorded with Justin Zoltek (Ill Scarlett), & we’re excited to show you that! The tracks will be available for download from both our Facebook group, & website! The finished EP will include our songs: ‘It’s Alright’, ‘Whole Other Life’, ‘Something To Believe’, ‘Inside Out’, & ‘Twisted’.

We’ll be playing all of those songs & more at Global Backpackers this Thursday night See ya there!

- Mike

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Rock Out Bullying!!!

by on Mar.08, 2013, under Uncategorized

antibullylogoCIRCLE-300x300Hey all,

Its been a heck of a while since we’ve updated you on the band and what we’ve been up to through these cold winter months.

First off, as you all know Canadian Music Week is coming up and we’re STOKED to be playing at Global Village Backpackers on March 21st at 11pm.

Go grab your wristbands, check out all the venues around Toronto that are hosting your favourite bands this month, and don’t forget to come check us on the 21st.

On to the topic at hand…

We’ve been discussing as a band how to become more involved with the community and give back to our amazing city of Mississauga and region of Peel that has given us so much love and support to us over the last few years.  Thanks to Rock Pro Music Centre, we are involved in an Anti-Bullying Program called Rock Out Bullying where we go to local schools and use performance and music to inspire the youngsters to Rock Out Bullying in their schools and in their lives.

On Tuesday of this past week we visited Blessed John XXIII Catholic Elementary School in Mississauga and ROCKED the house for the kids and taught them some (hopefully) valuable life lessons in Respect, Opening Up, Confidence and Keeping away from bullies.

Check out this Mississauga News Article and Rock Pro Music Centre for info and too see some great pictures including one of Chris breakdancing with a huge afro!

Ill give you a chance to go check it out and come back…

Yea I know, where the hell did he get that afro!? And doesn’t his breakdancing face look curiously close to his drumming face?

Well, theres a lot more to update you all on (like new recording dates, upcoming shows and some amazing new photos on the way) but Ive got to get back to teaching some guitar lessons here at Rock Pro, and Thieves practice tonight for CMW.

Cheers, and see you all soon!

xo Bryan

PS:  Also, a BIG thank you to Metalworks Institute & our friend Cory for putting our music in this promotional video for Metalworks! Check it out! HERE

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Last shows of 2012!

by on Dec.15, 2012, under Uncategorized

2012 is coming to a close, but before we bid adieu to the year, we have two last shows this month.

First show is at The Mod Club this FRIDAY December 21st.  We will be kicking off the show for a hell of a lineup including the headlining act Rikers.  You can check out more information about that show at the Facebook event page here:


And our last show of the year will be at Rivoli on FRIDAY December 28th.  We will be on the bill alongside the headlining act JOJETO as well as some other great acts.  And you can find out more information about that one here:http://www.facebook.com/events/310343465747665/

Hope to see you guys at one (or both!) or these kickass shows coming up.


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Our Very First Castle Performance!

by on Aug.27, 2012, under Uncategorized

So just to let everyone know we will be performing twice outside Casa Loma on Tuesday! Toronto’s only castle. We’re hosting an all ages open mic/BBQ where you can adventure around the grounds and swim in the moat! Well maybe not swim but at least snorkle. Anyways here’s the event link so you can check it all out for yo’self


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new acoustic video:
~ in my head

by on Aug.08, 2012, under Uncategorized

NEW ACOUSTIC VIDEO: This Thursday we hit the stage at the Supermarket Restaurant and Bar. Here is a solo acoustic performace of our debut song, In My Head, which is featured in our set for this event. check errrrr out.

Performances by: KC Roberts & the Live Revolution, Joel Martin, Selyne Maia, Iman Wain, Julian Troiano

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August Update

by on Aug.02, 2012, under Uncategorized

Were at Metalworks Studios this weekend recording our new single! Here are some clips from our preproduction session last night with BMF Recordings going over parts with a fine tooth comb. Tings be soundin tight.

Dont forget were performing NEXT WEEK on Thursday August 9th with  KC Roberts & the Live RevolutionJoel MartinSelyne MaiaIman Wain and Julian Troiano


Bryan whipped up the killer background electro tunage using Reason. Who knew?

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Seen us at Toronto’s

by on Jul.18, 2012, under Uncategorized


We’re very excited to be playing the El Mocambo THIS SATURDAY July 21st, with our good friends The Soundsmiths, The Years and Benhur

… This is a show not to be missed!!

Here’s the invite to the event:

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A Shout Out To Mr. Frank Buckley

by on May.11, 2012, under Uncategorized

Hey guys!

Great show @ The El Mocambo last night!!! Thanks to everyone that
came out – partied with us – played Foosball with us & showed
their support! Another thanks to The C’Mons, Shark Week & Winter
City for putting on solid, entertaining sets & just being cool
people. I’m sure that we’ll set-up another show together in the

Cheers to Mr. Bryan Fligg for manning it up & singing through our
entire set after a week of having a rough, rough cold. To be honest, I
didn’t hear a single bad note from Bryan. Maybe I was just too
focused on nailing my bass & back-up vocal parts, but he just
sounded like his regular, *sexy* self to me. & no, my opinion is
not biased at all. (wink, wink) A very special thanks to Buckley’s
Cough Syrup which despite it’s “awful” taste, actually
works *very* well. You know, I’m really just hoping that Mr. Frank Buckley
comes along & reads this blog. Dear Mr. Buckley, if you could
please sponsor the Morning Thieves with your fast-acting – foul
tasting cough syrup concoction, I promise that we can make an
excellent new Buckley’s commercial together. The new Buckley’s slogan
will have to be something like… “It tastes like the water that
has been stored for three weeks in your brother’s ten-year-old
basketball shoes…But it works!”


- Mike

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